Matinho´s house is located in a rural village. It´s a house where the traditional Minhota architecture is present and it´s inserted in one of the most beautiful sceneries of the North of Portugal. The coast, six kilometers off the house, is part of the Parque Natural do Litoral Norte, a protected area of great beauty where you can enjoy the natural tracks or simply delight yourself with the beautiful beaches that this region has to offer. The nearest, Foz do Neiva, is situated only six kilometers from the house, but between the cities of Viana do Castelo and Esposende you can also find many others beaches nearby.
Very close to the house, the Neiva´s river, is at the northern boundary of the Esposende county, which separates it from Viana do Castelo. The river presents a big number of little dams and watermills, some of them still preserved in good conditions, plus its natural vegetation. River sports lovers will find here an ideal place for canoeing practicing.
The city of Esposende stays a few kilometers to the South (13 km), as well as the villages of Fão, Ofir and Apúlia. The S. Lourenço´s Castro is located about five kilometers from the house, which is a national monument and one of the best examples of the Castro culture in Portugal.
Also, near the Matinho´s house, you have the cities of Viana do Castelo (15 km), Barcelos (16 km), Braga (38 km), Guimarães (54 km) and Porto (65 km) that it´s worth visiting.
The distance to the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto), through highway A28, is of 58 Km.


Photos of surrounding region